B. Belt
Handmade in Germany! What would Philipp Bazlen have said when he founded our company over a hundred years ago? Handmade in Germany? Maybe he would have said, "What else am I supposed to work with - than with my hands? And where else should I work - than here in my home country? "

What appeared natural in 1899 became rare in 2013. Leather goods? Handmade? In Germany? That's fine. When we think of our grandfather, we are proud that we have managed to preserve his heritage. As a family, we feel committed to its tradition together. And the future? If you know that you are on the right path, you can see it calmly.

B.belts are highly appreciated internationally. The super-soft, casual studded belts from B.belt, which combine the latest trends with genuine German craftsmanship and value, can now be found at the top addresses in Paris, New York and even St. Barth.

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