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Save The Duck

Save The Duck
The Forest clothing company dates back to 1914, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Foresto Bargi, who started his career as a tailor sewing men’s jackets for 70 cents apiece. While fighting in the First World War, a unique water-repellent fabric used by the English troupes caught his attention. Upon his return to Pisa, he opened a small laboratory where he started fashioning water-resistant garments using that same fabric, which he had started importing from England. Demand grew rapidly and Foresto started producing several sizes, imitating the new American trend. The lab quickly turned into a large clothing factory, which went on to become one of the largest in Italy.
At the beginning of the Sixties, his son Cirano started working with him. Cirano observed the social evolution that was taking place, specifically between 1962/1965, when the masses were contesting the labor system and the new generations were protesting against their fathers’ way of life. 80% of these youngsters wore the famous “Eschimo” jacket. Cirano perceived that the timing was right to present a collection to the market that reflected the style of the new collective mood and as a result founded a branch of Forest that he called Forest Mec.

Forest Mec’s offer revolved around the kind of shirts, jeans and jackets American laborers were wearing. The products were so successful they were even exported to the US. The company is run by Foresto’s grandson Nicolas Bargi, the third generation of entrepreneurs to develop the business creating the Ganesh and Save the Duck brands and globally growing the local company by turning it into an internationally renowned one.

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