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XíRENA is a lifestyle brand whose roots reach from California in the 70’s to the bohemian coastal town of Formentera, Spain. Founded by creative director, Dierdre Roffoni, XíRENA (pronounced SUH- REN –UH) means ‘mermaid’ in Spanish and finds its essence in carefree styling that is both effortless and accessible.
Made in Los Angeles, colorful lingerie, easy shirting, dresses and tops are quintessential to the brand. With a clever mix of boy meets girl, underpinnings turn into swim and day dressing turns into a night out. This unpretentious collection can always be worn two ways – casual with sneakers or dressed up with heels. This is the XíRENA girl!

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Xirena Rex Denim Pants in WhiteXirena Rex Denim Pants in White
Xirena Rosalie Dress in Sweet PeaXirena Rosalie Dress in Sweet Pea
Xirena Loretta Skirt in WhiteXirena Loretta Skirt in White
Xirena Starla Shorts in North StarXirena Starla Shorts in North Star
Xirena Henry Top in Rose PinkXirena Henry Top in Rose Pink
Xirena Finnian Dress in BlackXirena Finnian Dress in Black
Xirena Tenley DressXirena Tenley Dress
Xirena Tenley Dress Sale price$ 275.00
Xirena Clem Top in North StarXirena Clem Top in North Star
Xirena Drue Dress in North StarXirena Drue Dress in North Star
Xirena Kane Top in BlackXirena Kane Top in Black
Xirena Kane Top in Black Sale price$ 179.00
Xirena Beau Shirt in Green ArmyXirena Beau Shirt in Green Army
Xirena Cyra Dress in TulipXirena Cyra Dress in Tulip
Xirena Cyra Dress in Tulip Sale price$ 285.00
Xirena Kaiti Dress in Bermuda SeaXirena Kaiti Dress in Bermuda Sea
Xirena Paxton Shirt in Bermuda SeaXirena Paxton Shirt in Bermuda Sea
Xirena Riley Top in WhiteXirena Riley Top in White
Xirena Riley Top in White Sale price$ 198.00
Xirena Brenna Top in Quartz CloudXirena Brenna Top in Quartz Cloud
Xirena Bex TopXirena Bex Top
Xirena Bex Top Sale price$ 166.00
Xirena Aven Top in WhiteXirena Aven Top in White
Xirena Aven Top in White Sale price$ 225.00
Xirena Teddy Shirt in Coral BlazeXirena Teddy Shirt in Coral Blaze
Xirena Chandler Shirt in Marlin BlueXirena Chandler Shirt in Marlin Blue
Xirena Madden Top in Terra TwinkleXirena Madden Top in Terra Twinkle
Xirena Blythe TopXirena Blythe Top
Xirena Blythe Top Sale price$ 225.00
Xirena Tripp Top in WhiteXirena Tripp Top in White
Xirena Tripp Top in White Sale price$ 198.00
Xirena Ryder Top in Soft TerraXirena Ryder Top in Soft Terra
Xirena Taye Top in Pale PetalXirena Taye Top in Pale Petal
Xirena Louelle TopXirena Louelle Top
Xirena Louelle Top Sale price$ 265.00
Xirena Jules Top in Beige CoastXirena Jules Top in Beige Coast
Xirena Berkley Shirt in WhiteXirena Berkley Shirt in White
Xirena Jones Shirt in Mocha StripeXirena Jones Shirt in Mocha Stripe
Xirena Rayven Dress in Cream ToffeeXirena Rayven Dress in Cream Toffee
Xirena Ports Top in WhiteXirena Ports Top in White
Xirena Ports Top in White Sale price$ 184.00
Xirena Solange Stone NecklaceXirena Solange Stone Necklace
Xirena Triston BeltXirena Triston Belt
Xirena Triston Belt Sale price$ 85.00
Xirena Ella Dress in Tobacco PetalXirena Ella Dress in Tobacco Petal
Xirena Cam Top in Tobacco PetalXirena Cam Top in Tobacco Petal
Xirena Palmer TeeXirena Palmer Tee
Xirena Palmer Tee Sale price$ 124.00
Xirena Ansel Top in MossyXirena Ansel Top in Mossy
Xirena Ansel Top in Mossy Sale price$ 175.00
Xirena Teddy Shirt in Firework StripeXirena Teddy Shirt in Firework Stripe
Xirena Jett TankXirena Jett Tank
Xirena Jett Tank Sale price$ 108.00
Xirena Hart Dress in Navy PoseyXirena Hart Dress in Navy Posey
Xirena Tabitha Dress in Fig ShellXirena Tabitha Dress in Fig Shell
Xirena Kimble Sweatshirt in Rain BlueXirena Kimble Sweatshirt in Rain Blue
Xirena Gemma Shirt in BlackXirena Gemma Shirt in Black
Xirena Gemma Shirt in Black Sale price$ 198.00
Xirena Lolo Top in WhiteXirena Lolo Top in White
Xirena Lolo Top in White Sale price$ 219.00
Xirena Felicity Top in North StarXirena Felicity Top in North Star
Xirena Jones Top in SandXirena Jones Top in Sand
Xirena Jones Top in Sand Sale price$ 219.00
On saleXirena Rafferty Cashmere Sweater in Vanilla MauveXirena Rafferty Cashmere Sweater in Vanilla Mauve
Xirena Rafferty Cashmere Sweater in Vanilla Mauve Sale price$ 189.35 Regular price$ 541.00
On saleXirena Lilith Dress in Royal BrownXirena Lilith Dress in Royal Brown
Xirena Lilith Dress in Royal Brown Sale price$ 147.20 Regular price$ 368.00