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Kujten is the expression of Carole Benaroya and Stéphanie Eriksson’s long-standing friendship, one that started when they were teens. Throughout their years in middle and secondary school, Carole and Stéphanie discovered they were both passionate about fashion. From her financial background, Carole felt the urge to add some passion to her professional life in 2012, and immediately turned to her friend Stéphanie. Attentive to details and to the world’s beauty, Stéphanie is steeped in the fashion industry. She draws her expertise in knitwear and cashmere from working in Joseph’s Parisian styling department, an English fashion house that is renowned for its knitwear. Kujten arose from their love for an exceptional material: cashmere. Their ambition to start their own cashmere brand was confirmed following a first trip to Mongolia, where they fell in love with the blue-sky country.

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