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Voyage et Cie

Voyage et Cie's curator Melanie Apple is internationally educated in history, fashion and design. Through her global efforts Melanie has cultivated a passion for notable moments using the sense of smell.  Through extensive study in history and fashion design Melanie immersed herself in french living. A simple walk in a Parisian park, a curious stroll in a Versailles market place and aimless fascinations in Cannes procured scent discoveries, discoveries that convinced Melanie that europeans have a strong relationship with fragrance, there is a connection between personal identity and scent.

Voyage et Cie's conception bloomed from this uncovering. Melanie unveiled voyage et Cie in 2005. Voyage et Cie is the ultimate luxury blend of travel, fragrance, and design. Each original fragrance is created by Melanie, 100% organic and natural which will transport you on a journey

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