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Collaboration Cashmere

Collaboration has a passion for Cashmere. As a contemporary knitwear resource, nothing excites their design team more than working with Cashmere. Fun bodies, sophisticated colorations and uncommon detailing are in their DNA.

They offer incredibly luxe cashmere in exciting, modern bodies.  All designed into the most refreshingly unexpected colorations you can imagine. COLLABORATION sets itself apart from those boring cashmere brands you used to buy. Come, fall in love with this brand and follow our journey!

Collaboration encourages it's design team to collaborate! Push the boundaries of design and reach for the stars. We source our raw materials from the best mills in the world - mix different yarns, stitches and colors into exciting pieces that are both contemporary and iconic. Our goal is not for you to replace these sweaters every season, but to add to them, creating your own collection to enjoy for years to come.

Collaboration Cashmere

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