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Nation LTD

NATION LTD is beautiful, comfortable, and perfectly undone. At the cornerstone of their DNA is the belief that when you buy better you buy less. The idea that shopping mindfully will result in a wardrobe full of effortless essentials you truly love is why they focus on impact, quality, and longevity over trends.

Environmental responsibility in fashion is an ongoing conversation, and their approach is about progress (not perfection) and finding the best ways to have the least impact on our planet. We believe in transparency. That means people need to know how their clothes are made, who makes them, the conditions they’re made in, where they end up, and how that process affects people across the globe. We’ve recently chosen to step away from the word “sustainable”. In their efforts to be honest, we realize that nothing in fashion is truly sustainable. Everything has an impact on the planet. We see the "S word" all over campaigns for companies that have a tremendous environmental impact. It’s sometimes greenwashing and it can be manipulative. We feel the word “impact” is more truthful.

Their intention is simple: offer elevated staples that make you look and feel good, day in and day out. Their collection is made for women of all shapes and sizes, and their approach is guided by their commitment to do better for the planet. Always.

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